Foods to fight off a cold

Well here it is….my yearly winter cold. I felt it coming on this morning when I woke up. Sore throat, aches, watery eyes and runny nose.  There’s really a lot of junk going around right now and hopefully you got your flu shot to combat some of it. That doesn’t stop everything, however, and if you do get sick, you may wonder the best ways to feel better.

In our house we really like to try all other methods besides medications because they seem to make us groggy and sluggish. Plus sometimes they just mask the symptoms and don’t really help with the illness itself.  If you feel the same, you may be interested to know that certain foods can help you fight colds. For instance- Oysters… sounds a little wacky but oysters contain lots of zinc, the same ingredient in Zicam or cold ease.  Another good one is Kiwi. All fruits are good, but Kiwi was found to lessen symptoms four days faster than other fruits like bananas.

Check out this article for more foods that help fight off colds.

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