Leashing your dog shouldn’t be a controversy.

You have probably seen the story of the woman in Central Park who called the police on a man for insisting her dog be leashed. I am not going to go into the racial aspect of the incident. My point is, it should have never happened because she should have had her dog leashed…. period.

This is a problem I’ve run into many times over the years and it is so frustrating. My dog Baxter was the sweetest dog, but when he was leashed and another dog approached him unleashed, he went nuts. Many dogs are protective of their owners and they feel trapped when they are charged by an unleashed dog. I’ve had two other dogs that were also leash aggressive. It’s a common problem.

So why is it so hard for people to understand that in public, all dogs should be leashed and under your control? I’ve encountered many people over the years who insisted that their dog did not need to be leashed on public trails and in parks. Their response when I asked them to leash their dog was always the same…. but my dog is friendly. They were usually saying that as their dog ignored their commands because they were so interested in my dogs.

Most dogs are unpredictable at some point in their life. When they are put into a situation where instinct gets in the way of your commands, anything can happen. It’s a matter of common courtesy, safety for you and your dog…. and in most cases, leashing your dog is also the law.

My dogs love to run off leash and I am fortunate to have a friend with private property that allows them to run free and play. But when we’re in public, we always leash up. It’s for everyone’s safety. So please think about it, leashing your dog in public is not just for them, it’s for every other dog you’ll encounter. And as a dog lover, I’m sure that you want to help keep all dogs safe.

Thank you!!!!!

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