Lite Breakfast Show

John Lennon 1940 – 1980

It was 40 years ago today that we lost John Lennon, an event that still confounds and confuses me.

People Actually Listen S01 E45

John and Mark tell stories about the times what they said on the radio really affected listener’s lives. Plus the recap of the Culture Quiz and News That Isn’t...

Happy Bartender Appreciation Day S01 E44

We celebrate National Bartender Appreciation Day which is NEXT week, National Bartender Day was today! (As you listen to us, you’ll discover how clueless we really are).

Worst Day Ever on the Air S01 E43

The story of Mark’s worst day ever on the radio!  Don’t let the kids listen to this, you have been warned.

This Podcast Needs a Theme S01 E42

Get it?  POD-CAST! Yeah, we need better writers.


An interview with Kim Baker and Jessyca Stoepker from the Manna Food Project in Harbor Springs.  Please donate to them – – or any other group that can...

Our Podcast is Original Mediocre Entertainment S01 E40

Each day, we do a completely original podcast, as opposed to many radio personalities that just recycle recorded bits from their shows.  It’s ORIGINAL mediocre radio entertainment each and...

Flashback to our First Podcast S01 E39

We didn’t take Black Friday off on the air, but we are taking it off for the podcast – here’s a replay of our FIRST EVER podcast from October...

Thanksgiving Eve is the Biggest Bar Night of the Year S01 E38

Mark tells stories about Thanksgiving Eve Nightlife back in the day.  Have a safe and happy Thanksgiving.

Stuffing vs Dressing S01 E37

Do you serve Stuffing or Dressing with your turkey?  I don’t think there is a difference, but the boss disagrees.