Lite Breakfast Show

Flashback to our First Podcast S01 E39

We didn’t take Black Friday off on the air, but we are taking it off for the podcast – here’s a replay of our FIRST EVER podcast from October...

Thanksgiving Eve is the Biggest Bar Night of the Year S01 E38

Mark tells stories about Thanksgiving Eve Nightlife back in the day.  Have a safe and happy Thanksgiving.

Stuffing vs Dressing S01 E37

Do you serve Stuffing or Dressing with your turkey?  I don’t think there is a difference, but the boss disagrees.

Listener Mailbag S01 E36

Yes, we get letters at the Lite Breakfast Show and the After Breakfast Podcast. We will answer them starting today and every Monday.  You can email yours to .

Off the Air Stories S01 E35

We were talking OFF the air about something that seemed to make a good story for this podcast – you’ll get the ice cream cone connection when you listen.

$2500 for Watching Christmas Movies and More S01 E34

Holiday TV Watching, including a big Super Hero movie you can watch on TV at Christmas and the website willing to pay someone to watch 25 Holiday movies in...

A Wednesday “Catch Up” Episode S01 E 33

This morning we “catch up” on a few missed days and I apologize for being such a crab over the last week or so.  Three days worth of News...

The Weekend Is Here S01 E31

A quick review of today’s show along with a continued discussion of mask wearing.

Wear the Damn Mask S01 E30

We interviewed Dr. Karen DenBesten from McLaren Northern Michigan on the COVID status of our area, and she agrees – Wear the Mask! Also, Nikki Devitt from the Petoskey...

Fifteen Percent is NOT Good S01 E29

Today’s podcast is really just a preview of tomorrow’s show where we get the facts and the lowdown on the spread of the virus in Northern Michigan.