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After Breakfast Podcast S01 E10

It’s Breast Cancer Awareness Month!  We have a special show coming up next week in conjunction with McLaren Northern Michigan.

After Breakfast Podcast S01 E09 Oct 12

Where John and I talk about movies, bad movies and the time my roommate got caught making out in the back of the movie theatre,

After Breakfast Podcast S01 E08 Oct 9

Happy Birthday John Lennon!  You will not hear any John Lennon music at all on this podcast but we will rant about how people should just wear a mask...

After Breakfast Podcast Oct 8 2020 Episode 6

Is there anything below “mailing it in”, because that’s what I think we’ve done with this one.  We talk about insects, horror movies and bad dad jokes – but...

After Breakfast Podcast S01E05 Oct 7 2020

Where Mark and John talk about Halloween, the time change and how weird summer was in Indiana (related to time).

After Breakfast Podcast Episode 4

I could not find the right image today, as I don’t want to get sued for using something copyrighted.  But we are kinda talking about movies.  Tyler’s last day...

After Breakfast with Mark and John Oct 5 2020

No John Kelly today, so new cast member Tyler gives us his top 5 Halloween movies, and we complain about how bad almost every Stephen King flick is.

After Breakfast with Mark and John Episode 2

Where we talk about COVID, Vincent Price and how we’d like to go back to a movie theatre soon.

After Breakfast Podcast Episode 1

It’s the First Episode of the new Lite Breakfast Show podcast..  After Breakfast with Mark and John.  It’s not that good, but we’ll get better.

Lite Breakfast Show Community Conversation 2

From April 17, 2020, our second “Community Conversation” about the COVID-19 pandemic and how it affects us.  Guests include Dr. Karen DenBesten from McLaren Northern Michigan, Jennifer Shorter from...