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Lite Breakfast Show

Move Movie Talk with Mark and Tyler S01 E13

John Kelly was ill today, so Tyler and I pontificated on movies, you can also get a replay of the News that Isn’t Horrible and this morning’s Culture Quiz.

After Breakfast Podcast S01 E12

Where we talk about National Bosses Day, Radio History and recap the News that Isn’t Horrible and today’s Culture Quiz Question.

After Breakfast Podcast S01 E11 We Got Free Coffee

Where John and I talk about the mysterious package we got from Hawaii and how excited we are about a live audience.  And now every day, you can catch...

After Breakfast Podcast S01 E10

It’s Breast Cancer Awareness Month!  We have a special show coming up next week in conjunction with McLaren Northern Michigan.

After Breakfast Podcast S01 E09 Oct 12

Where John and I talk about movies, bad movies and the time my roommate got caught making out in the back of the movie theatre,

After Breakfast Podcast S01 E08 Oct 9

Happy Birthday John Lennon!  You will not hear any John Lennon music at all on this podcast but we will rant about how people should just wear a mask...

After Breakfast Podcast Oct 8 2020 Episode 6

Is there anything below “mailing it in”, because that’s what I think we’ve done with this one.  We talk about insects, horror movies and bad dad jokes – but...

After Breakfast Podcast S01E05 Oct 7 2020

Where Mark and John talk about Halloween, the time change and how weird summer was in Indiana (related to time).

After Breakfast Podcast Episode 4

I could not find the right image today, as I don’t want to get sued for using something copyrighted.  But we are kinda talking about movies.  Tyler’s last day...

After Breakfast with Mark and John Oct 5 2020

No John Kelly today, so new cast member Tyler gives us his top 5 Halloween movies, and we complain about how bad almost every Stephen King flick is.