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A Wednesday “Catch Up” Episode S01 E 33

This morning we “catch up” on a few missed days and I apologize for being such a crab over the last week or so.  Three days worth of News...

The Weekend Is Here S01 E31

A quick review of today’s show along with a continued discussion of mask wearing.

Wear the Damn Mask S01 E30

We interviewed Dr. Karen DenBesten from McLaren Northern Michigan on the COVID status of our area, and she agrees – Wear the Mask! Also, Nikki Devitt from the Petoskey...

Fifteen Percent is NOT Good S01 E29

Today’s podcast is really just a preview of tomorrow’s show where we get the facts and the lowdown on the spread of the virus in Northern Michigan.

Single MOMM and Jams and Jellies S01 E28

The full interview with Jennifer from Single MOMM (Click here to go to their website) and the finish of the Jam and Jelly “controversies” from this morning.

COVID and Thanksgiving S01 E27

The pandemic is not over and it will affect the holidays.  New CDC guidelines (Click here) have been issued and both Mark’s and John’s plans are already affected.

Backstage with the Breakfast Show S01 E26

We had some technical difficulties, okay really just one, this morning so we kept the recorder going to give you a little behind the scenes listen to what happens...

Fear of Heights and Christmas Music S01 E25

We are working on a new radio station here at MacGarb Central and there was a guy here who was going to climb the antenna.  So we chatted about...

Post Election Day Cast S01 E24

The Election Day story from 2000 when Mark was in Germany and more election aftermath, plus today’s Culture Quiz and News That Isn’t Horrible

Best James Bond Movies and Songs S01 E23

We mourn the passing of Sean Connery, and play the best James Bond songs (just a little bit of each, we don’t want to go to jail!) Plus the...