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Why Does Everyone Hate Michigan and Other Happy Stuff S01 E18

Michigan is one of the most hated states in America?  Really? Plus why every kid is named Liam these days and today’s News that Isn’t Horrible and Culture Quiz.

On Friday We Mail it In S01 E17

It’s Friday, so Mark complains about working out of a new studio and tells the Trans Siberian Orchestra story.

We Talk About Stupid Stuff S01 E16

Why do people spend a lot of time at the beginning of a podcast talking about stupid stuff?  Part 2 of the story of my brothers wedding in France...

There is hope for America!! S01 E15

Since this is the podcast, we can talk about politics, and I’m happy to report that TODAY I see hope for America!!!  Details along with today’s News that Isn’t...

Breast Cancer Awareness Day S01 E14

Today, The Lite 96.3 Breakfast Show focused on Breast Cancer Awareness, thanks to the folks at McLaren Northern Michigan.  We chatted about early detection, resources available to breast cancer...

Move Movie Talk with Mark and Tyler S01 E13

John Kelly was ill today, so Tyler and I pontificated on movies, you can also get a replay of the News that Isn’t Horrible and this morning’s Culture Quiz.

After Breakfast Podcast S01 E12

Where we talk about National Bosses Day, Radio History and recap the News that Isn’t Horrible and today’s Culture Quiz Question.

After Breakfast Podcast S01 E11 We Got Free Coffee

Where John and I talk about the mysterious package we got from Hawaii and how excited we are about a live audience.  And now every day, you can catch...

After Breakfast Podcast S01 E10

It’s Breast Cancer Awareness Month!  We have a special show coming up next week in conjunction with McLaren Northern Michigan.

After Breakfast Podcast S01 E09 Oct 12

Where John and I talk about movies, bad movies and the time my roommate got caught making out in the back of the movie theatre,