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More Music With Tim Nixon To Start Your Day

Start your day off with Tim Nixon. It's more of your favorite songs  mixed in with all the info you need....from your Out The Door Weather Forecast every 10 minutes to local news and events. You'll be informed and singing along to the songs you love.

Meet Tim Nixon
Graduating from high school in Traverse City and with so many memories of living in Northern Michigan, I packed my bags and moved away, without a care or a specific plan to come back. Afterall, my parents and younger siblings were still there so, of course, I'd be back.  And for a number of years, that non plan worked.  But as often happens we move further and further away from where we started and as those we would come to visit, were moving to other places, too, the distance grew.  Detroit, Chicago, Sarasota, Ft. Myers, Tampa, Atlanta, Grand Rapids... lived , worked , played in them all.  I moved back to Grand Rapids to be closer to my aging family so Northern Michigan wasn't so far away to come and play, and I did.  I then discovered that deep down,  I truly was a northern Michigan refugee, coming home.  My plan was to spend two years back in the North.... and that was eight years ago.  Friends, fabric and follies have become interwoven in my heart and soul, and I can truly say that living in northern Michigan, working for Lite 96.3 and savoring the view of the bay as a part of my pay, is only the beginning of what I could share with you.  I could tell you more... but let's do that when we meet... we'll talk further.

Spend Your Workday With Heather

Meet Heather Leigh
 I’m a Northern Michigan Native- born and raised in Charlevoix and now living in beautiful Boyne City with my husband of 6 years and my 3 year old Ella. Although I have had opportunities to leave the area, I just can’t imagine not living next to a beautiful lake and raising my daughter in a small loving community.  Fun fact about me, I graduated from Western Michigan University with an Accounting degree before I found radio. I have always loved music and could memorize the words to every song I heard from the time I was a kid, but I never thought about radio as a “career option”.  Now I really can’t imagine doing anything else. It’s cool because I see my daughter singing along to songs and I wonder if she will think it’s cool that her mom is on the radio when she gets a bit older. When I’m not working we are usually working on our house ( it’s been a bit of a fixer upper) spending time at the park as a family, taking our awesome dog Mitch for a walk or just snuggling up on the couch and watching some of our favorite shows. We just bought our first pop up camper ( another fixer upper) so we will be spending our time working to get that rolling this spring as we head into my favorite season!

Your Ride Home With Lisa Knight

Meet Lisa Knight
I came to Northern Michigan for my first round of radio interviews, fresh out of the Specs Howard School of Broadcast Arts. I remember driving along the bay, in the middle of the summer, along Clinch Park beach and the volleyball courts and thinking “Oh Yeah-I definitely want to live HERE!”….and I’ve never left. I love how every day is different in my job-the music is always changing, and there’s always something new to talk about. In my spare time, I’m a huge cook, and gardener…I get a real kick out of growing, canning and making my own food-even baking my own bread! I am also the human mommy to the best dog in the world. (No-really, I’m not biased or anything!) Odin really is a once-in-a-lifetime dog…I held him just seconds after he was born!

I’m always up for an adventure, or road trip-even if it’s just down M-22 for the day. There have been many changes in my life over the years, but I just can’t help feeling that I still belong “Up North”. I was born in Detroit and love to visit the city, but the woods and waters of Northern Michigan will always be the place that feels like home.
Lite 96.3 Features 

February Connecting Women in Business

Join Lite 96.3 for the annual Connecting Women in Business GO GRANTS Fundraiser Luncheon that features an amazing silent auction, Tuesday, February 28th at the Sage Restaurant in the Odawa Casino.  The money raised by the silent auction goes directly to Go Grants. 

Go Grants are an important element of the Connecting Women in Business Group. Grants provide small grants to girls in grades 6 to 10 in the Char-Em ISD service area and reach out to young girls in the area who have an idea and a passion to try something new. Grants range up to $500.  Since 2010, 121 girls have received almost $44,000 in GO Grants.

The Cost to attend is $35. $17 of the ticket price goes directly to the grants program as well as proceeds from the silent auction and sponsorships. Click here to register.

Find your new career here.

Are you ready to become everything you know you can be? There are careers waiting that will fit your needs and desires. Ready to get started in your new life? Click here and see who is looking for you.

Teddy Bear Patrol is on the move.

The Lite 96.3 Teddy Bear Patrol delivered bears to first responders during EMS week. Emmet, Cheboygan and Charlevoix EMS and sheriff deputies are now stocked up for a busy summer. Your donations have provided hundreds of bears and they so appreciate it! Click here to read more.
Pet of the Week 

This is our Buddy.  He is sweet and smart and just wants to be your friend.  Buddy loves to go for walks and car rides.  He will be next to your side and be helping you with whatever you are doing.  Buddy would do well in just about any lifestyle, but we think he would excel in an active one.  Read more about me here.
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