How to help a leash reactive dog.


Do you  have a dog that is overly reactive to other dogs when you are walking or in public places? It’s a hard problem to overcome. It takes time and patience. Lots of time and patience. Here are some tips to help your dog change their behavior.

For dogs who are reactive to other dogs, the goal is to change the association from anxiety to calm.
They are not being bad, they are anxious and we don’t want to stop the problem, we do want to help them feel less anxious. When they are less anxious, the so called problem goes away.
It takes time, patience, proper timing on your part and knowing the distance you need to be away from the dog/trigger, where the dog is able to take treats. If they are over threshold, they won’t take treats and there is no learning that can happen. When they’re over threshold (in the zone), they can’t hear, think or process anything.