Be prepared for summer hazards.

This my sorry…. not sorry face.

Last night, at 2:30am…. my dog Pippa got up to go outside. Not uncommon for her, so I let them both out. And as they ran out the door, I got a face full of of the dreaded skunk smell. Thinking the skunk might still be around, I grabbed Bailey and made him go back inside. But, I wasn’t fast enough and Pippa was tussling with something. It was dark and I had no shoes or glasses. So, I ran back inside, found shoes and glasses and ran to the back of the yard to try and find her.

What ever she was fighting with was gray (not a skunk) and since everything was dark, it took me a minute to find a way to grab her and get her away from the poor animal. It turned out to be an opossum and he limped off while I drug her into the house.

After waking up the whole neighborhood, she seemed quite pleased with herself. But of course she was covered in dirt and needed a bath before we could all go back to bed.

Animal encounters are not uncommon up north. There are a lot of critters running around a night and on your walks through the woods.

Add into that other summer dangers from cuts, bee stings, sunburn and ticks… there is a lot to be prepared for. So, I thought you might find this article helpful.

And don’t forget to stock up on hydrogen peroxide, Dawn and baking soda. The next time, it could be a skunk!

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