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      Food is about sharing. So this was a special surprise!
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      Breathe easy during cold & flu season
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      Swing dancing and spooky fun, plus 2 fall favorites!
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      Adding more veggies to your diet just got easier.
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      Find your new career here.

      Are you ready to become everything you know you can be? There are careers waiting that will fit your needs and desires. Ready to get started in your new life? Click here and see who is looking for you.

      Teddy Bear Patrol is on the move.

      The Lite 96.3 Teddy Bear Patrol delivered bears to first responders during EMS week. Emmet, Cheboygan and Charlevoix EMS and sheriff deputies are now stocked up for a busy summer. Your donations have provided hundreds of bears and they so appreciate it! Click here to read more.
      Pet of the Week 

      My name is Simba and I'm a handsome Shepherd mix somewhere around two and a half years old. I have an appointment for the "tutoring" which they tell me will help with my housebreaking issue. I'm all for education and like I said, I'm fairly intelligent, so with your help, I'll be housebroke in no time. I'm a really great guy, very friendly and eager to please.