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      Simple, elegant and so delicious.... shrimp, feta and tomatoes.
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      Design a donut to a foodie tour... so much to do!
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      Try something new, it could be your next favorite thing!
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      Foods to feel better when you've been hit by "the bug"
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      Reaching Out To Comfort

      Lite 96.3 and Blarney Castle EZ Mart's have partnered to help children involved in a traumatic event with the Lite 96.3 Teddy Bear Patrol. Click here to read all about it!

      Friday Nights Are Lite Nites At Boyne Highlands

      Join Tim Nixon live Friday night for a fun night of skiing! Get the whole family out on the slopes for just $9.63 on Lite 96 Ski Nights at Boyne Highlands. Click here for all the details!
      Pet of the Week 
      Welcome to the Lite 96.3 Pet of the Week.
      My name is Zeus and I'm a sensitive kind of guy. Harsh words scare me but I respond well to someone who is confident and can help me nativigate the world. I'm only 4 so I have a whole lot of living yet to do. And as you can see, I'm ready to celebrate!
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