Keys for a Successful Marriage

I will be the first to admit that my marriage is FAR from perfect. We’ve had our share of struggles, fights, and even separation. Marriage is really hard, especially when one or both of you are headstrong. I definitely am. I like things a certain way and I have a hard time dealing with things when they are not “how I would do them”.  Then throw kids, money stress, job stress, and other things in the mix… sometimes feels like it’s impossible.

A lot of people have the same complaints about their marriage- “he doesn’t listen”, “he doesn’t help out enough”, “she doesn’t pay attention to me”, “she’s not fun anymore”. The list can go on and on. The problem most times is, it’s really easy to pick apart what our spouse’s issues are, but it’s hard to take a look in that mirror and admit that we are probably part of the problem.

Marriage counselors can really help be a neutral party when you’re trying to figure things out…..but a lot of times they are financially out of reach for couples. So here are the seven keys to a successful marriage from a marriage counselor that are trending online right now. See if you agree and if you are having struggles, try a few of these to see if they help 😉

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