Giving Back to Animals This Holiday Season

It's no secret that I am an animal lover. We have two dogs at home and I am always the one who goes crazy whenever I see an animal while out and about. My daughter is the same- she can't go without petting a dog. We adopted our two dogs from local shelters and would love to help more but there is no way we have room and I think my husband would go crazy!!

So maybe we can't adopt another animal in need, but there are things we can do this holiday season to give to those animals waiting for their forever homes. One of the most basic ways is to donate food. Shelters can always use dog food and cat food, along with treats, blankets, collars and leashes. You could do a personal donation or start a donation drive.

Another great thing to do during the holidays is volunteer. Workers at shelters could use the break and extra help, plus you can make it a family activity to teach your children the spirit of giving.

There are other great ways to give back to animals this holiday season….check them out here!

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