Compromising with kids

My daughter Ella will be 7 in September. She’s a lot of fun, full of energy, and very headstrong. She is a lot like me, and doesn’t back down when it comes to an argument. There are some days when I truly just give up and give in because arguing with a 6 year old is exhausting. I think I’ve taken on the philosophy of “pick your battles” when it comes to all of the arguments we have. If you feel the same way you are definitely not alone.

A new survey found the average person has 6 separate arguments with their kids every day….which is over 2,000 arguments per year!  The biggest arguments involved food- not cleaning their plate at dinner time. 2nd on the list is not cleaning their bedroom, and in third place we are back at food with- only wanting to eat junk food. Any of this sound familiar?

Other popular arguments include complaining they are full when they’ve barely touched their food, fighting with siblings, eating junk food before a meal, trying to delay bedtime, homework, using technology too much and not brushing their teeth.

The good news is I feel a ton better knowing that I’m not the only one fighting these particular battles every day. The bad news is……we, as parents, are going to only win about half of these arguments!  Most parents said they compromise a lot to keep the peace.  I’m not sure if I feel good or bad after reading this…..


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