Setting the example for your kids

Yesterday I voted. I put the little sticker on my jacket when I was done. Then later in the day I picked up my daughter from school. She’s 7 so she’s not really familiar with elections and voting. She understands who the president is but that is probably the extent of it. So I was pleasantly surprised when she asked about my sticker. I told her I voted for Governor and a couple of other things. I thought that would be it and then she asked some questions. “Who is the governor and what do they do?” That led to other questions about the government and voting. It was an amazing conversation and I was so happy to hear how interested she was at such a young age. It made me proud to vote because I was setting a good example for my daughter.  If you’re trying to explain things to your child or grandchild, here’s a great article from PBS to help out!

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