Childhood Treasures

The other day my mom sent me a text with this funny picture attached. Apparently it was a self portrait I drew when I was in 4th grade.  It was terrible LOL! and I was really surprised she still had it. Then I thought about all of the little trinkets and drawings I have saved of Ella’s since she could hold a crayon. I have papers with literal scribbles all over them but to me they are masterpieces to be treasured.

I’m sure you have the same things from your children and if they give you grief for it, that’s ok. I think it just brings back all of the wonderful memories of your children from birth to when they leave the house. Yes we have great technology now that allows us to take a photo of everything and store it but there’s something about holding the actual item in your hand, knowing your little angel created it with their little hands.

I’m not sure how many things I have, or how many my mom still has of mine, but according to a new study the average parent will hold on to 1,293 keepsakes from their kid’s childhood.  75% of these things are photos- not digital ones.

Other popular things parents keep are videos and home movies, art projects, books, drawings, toys, awards from school, clothing, report cards, and paintings. Once I read this list I realized it wasn’t just the works of art I have but her first toy ( a little cloth rattle) her “blankies” from when she was a baby, and some great videos from ballet and gymnastics.

Now 4 in 10 parents admit they are saving the keepsakes to give them back to their children later in life, but to be honest with you, I don’t find my old artwork and awards as special as my mom does. I think for me I will be holding on to these treasures for myself to take trips down memory lane when my sweet Ella is no longer waking up under our roof 🙂

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