Crying It Out

The other day I was in the bathroom (not on the toilet) and my daughter came in, looked at me, and said “mommy are you going to cry?”  I must have looked stressed out or something but it triggered tears in her eyes and she said “I don’t like it when you cry because it makes me cry”.  It was so sweet and I, of course, re-assured her I wasn’t about to cry.

It’s a funny thing, crying. We all have done it whether we admit it or not, and for a variety of reasons. Some tears are of joy and some of pain. Sometimes the tears come from stress and frustration. Whatever the reason, we’ve all had a good cry. The funny part is that I don’t cry in front of family- at least not often. I think that’s why Ella was so worried because if mom is crying it must be really, really bad!

So where do I cry?  I would say one of the top places would be in my car.  I’ve got about a 20 minute commute and during that time I tend to get my emotions out- happy or sad- so that I’m ready to be there for my family and get things done at home.  I do sometimes cry at work as well, but that’s usually from frustration- a totally different story.

Now here’s a question…where do you cry?  A survey was done of 2000 Americans and it looks like over 50% are like me- in the car.  Number two on the list was at a family event- which I really hope means tears of joy! #3 on the list was work, followed by walking down the street (awkward!!)

Home did not make the list which makes me wonder if it wasn’t an option to choose or if people are like me and don’t want to cry at home in front of their family for fear of worrying them. Wherever it is that you cry… go girl! Get that stress and emotion out of you wherever you can!!!

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