What’s for dinner mom?

I have friends who have dogs that will eat anything…. anything. And that means some things they shouldn’t including the bathroom trash. But not mine. I have two of the pickiest eaters on the dog planet. And on top of it all, Baxter has digestive issues and does best on a fish based dry food. Cha-ching!  They used to love a certain brand of canned food, then one day while I was a work, they must have had a meeting and decided it was no more. What’s next????

So for the past couple of weeks, I’ve been doing their standby favorite, turkey burgers on the grill. I’m a little nuts, but that’s OK. You only live once… right????

I have been reading a lot about homemade food that are proven doggie favorites, so I think this weekend, I’ll get out the crockpot and try a one of these. They like turkey, green beans and sweet potatoes. So, what have I got to lose? At least warm weather is on the way, so if it’s back to turkey burgers, I won’t freeze to death. Fingers crossed… crockpot dog food sounds so easy!

Check out the recipes here.


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