When your best friend becomes your old friend… how do we keep them comfortable?

One of the hardest things in life is watching your once playful puppy become an old dog. I’m really struggling with my 13 year old Baxter. He’s always had a lot of digestive issues, which are only worse now that he’s old. He has cataracts and glaucoma and little vision. So my heart broke when I found out last week he has a severe infection in his eye and may lose the only eye that has any sight left.

I’m not one to give up easily though. So every two hours, he gets a combination of eye drops. But that means, to stay on schedule, he’s had to come to work with me. And for me, it’s been a such a gift. I don’t know how long this old guy has left, so to be able to have him lay in my office next to me is pretty special. He snores, he sleeps… we go to lunch. I hate the reason he’s here, but so glad to be able to spend more time with him.

Do you have an older dog? It seems many older dog issues develop rather quickly. From arthritis to eye issues, there are lots of things to watch for.

Want to know how to help your dog be more comfortable in their old age? I thought you might find this info helpful.

Soft beds, good food, easy walks, supplements to help aching joints and watching their dental health are all important in keeping your old dog a pain free dog. They’re your best friend. They deserve the extra care and the end of their life.  For my dogs, I wouldn’t have it any other way.

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