How to Handle Mom Guilt

I won’t even bother to ask the question because I can guarantee if you’re a mother, you have at one time or another, experienced mom guilt. That feeling when you miss something important happening with your kids because you’re working or committed to something that takes time away from them.

My latest was on Friday when I picked Ella up from camp. I knew they did an awards ceremony every week but I thought it was a fun little event just for the campers. In the past weeks my mom has picked her up so I was quite blown away when I pulled into the parking lot and it was full!! Parents were everywhere with their kids, hugging and celebrating the week’s accomplishments.  I felt terrible as my little Ella ran up to me and gave me a hug. Unfortunately there is no way I can there on Fridays in time for this weekly event, and now that I know how many other parents show up, it definitely fills me with guilt and makes me feel like a terrible parent.

I remember lots of times feeling terrible when I had to run to the store to buy a class treat at the last minute when other moms were creating rainbow cupcakes or individual items for each student with their names on them.

We’ve all experienced these moments. Ella’s first steps were witnessed by her day care provider ( who was sweet enough to record it for me), and I’m sure I’ve missed lots of other big deals due to work.

So what do you do with this mom guilt? Carry it around like a scarlet letter forever?  That’s definitely not an option so check out this great article to help you cope 🙂

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