I am the Grinch of Fall

I remember a month ago watching so many of my friends posting about how fall is their favorite time of the year and they just couldn’t wait…..well look outside my friends because here ya go! Not what you imagined, huh?  I don’t know about you but I was definitely not dreaming about a muddy back yard and dirty paw prints through my house. I was not dreaming of standing in the rain during soccer and wearing 5 layers of clothing in the morning, only to have to strip down in the afternoon and then bundle up again.  Yes the leaves changing color are beautiful on the two sunny days we will get, but most of the leaves around my house were blown off by the 50 MPH winds from that last thunderstorm.

I am the Grinch of Fall.  I love the idea of fall and the decorations but in reality I am not a happy camper right now (who wants to camp in mud puddles?) I don’t want to be this negative Nancy because, honestly, I choose to live in this area. No one is holding me hostage (well maybe my family and work). So I dug deep to find some positives about this month and I thought I would share them if you’re feeling a big grinchy yourself.

  1. Candy!!! You can start stocking up on all of the wonderful Halloween Candy that’s been out since August and then eat half of it yourself 😉
  2. Sports- if you love them, you’ve got high school, college and pro football along with baseball playoffs and the NBA starting Oct. 22nd!
  3. There are some pretty big movies coming out soon and because it’s so crummy outside, you don’t feel guilty sucking down that giant buttered popcorn on a Saturday because you couldn’t be outside doing anything anyway. One of the biggest movies is the new “Joker” coming out Friday.
  4. Holidays- yes the big one is Halloween, but October and fall bring other great holidays like National Taco Day and National Vodka day- both this Friday, along with Sweetest Day and the one I’m excited about…..”slap your annoying co-worker day” coming up on the 23rd!! JK

So hopefully I’ve given you something good to think about when it comes to fall…….or at least I’ve given you a good chuckle 😉

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