Trying to Pack Light…

I am hitting the road this weekend with the GT Woman Magazine gals on their annual bus trip. I am super excited to spend the weekend in the windy city shopping, seeing a show, and just getting away from it all….not to mention getting a whole bed to myself  (normally I’m sharing with a husband, a child and two dogs).

I love to travel but I have one major problem…..I always tend to overpack. I end up bringing 10 outfits for 2 days of fun. It’s totally ridiculous and probably has a lot to do with being insecure, but it becomes an issue every time I take off.

This time I decided I need help….I need to figure out how to brings options without carrying a 50 lb suitcase, so I did some research and here are some great tips I found if you’re planning a trip anytime soon:



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