Party guest etiquette

I doubt anyone is throwing parties like they did during the Downton Abbey days so protocols have lightened up over the years.  That doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t be on your best behavior! We have our work Christmas party again this year, hosted by the owners of our company, and over the years I’ve seen some pretty crazy behavior. I’m sure you have too so let’s go over some party guest etiquette to ensure we are not the subject of water cooler talk the following Monday.

According to a survey, the rudest thing you can do is show up to the party sick.  You  might think it’s rude to rescind your invitation, but it’s worse to show up and get everyone else sick.  (This doesn’t count for the regular work day when you are strongly encouraged to show up no matter how you feel!)

Some other things that seem rude to hosts include asking for a drink that’s not out and available, overstaying your welcome (we actually had a co-worker who spent the night at the boss’s house) using your phone too much, talking politics and the obvious one that everyone seems to forget….drinking too much!

So enjoy your next holiday get together but make sure you are on your best behavior!


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