The key to happiness

I won’t lie to you, I have been on the search for true happiness my whole life. Not that I don’t have amazing things in my life, but deep down inside just having that feeling of “yes I am happy”. I think part of the reason is because I’m so critical of myself, I always think there’s more than what I’m doing or what I’m feeling….that whole “the grass is greener next door” thought.

So what is the key?  How do we get there?  Do you feel like everyone else has found it and you are totally in the dark?  You’re not alone and although I don’t think as many people would admit it as should, there are a lot of out here feeling the same way. Sure we have a good life, amazing family, great friends and a career- but are you truly happy? And if not do you feel bad because you should be happy with all of the great things you have….right?

Well even if you are truly happy, I think this blog is worth a read. A friend of mine posted it on Facebook and it grabbed my attention right away. Some of these things I do already. Some I should be doing, and there even a couple I had never thought about until today. Check it out for yourself:

12 things happy people do



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