I have no bedtime routine for my 8 year old and I’m going crazy!!!

If you were to ask anyone who the tough parent was in our family the answer would be unanimous….my husband Scott. Even when Ella bats those big beautiful brown eyes he is able to stay strong.  The problem is…..I am not strong. I grew up in a pretty strict household and I would tell anyone who asked me that I am strict, but the truth is I’m a sucker….especially when it comes to bedtime. Don’t get me wrong, she’s not swinging from the chandelier at 11pm at night, but we have a very relaxed if non existent routine. It usually consists of me asking her to get her jammies on and brush her teeth about 10 times while she begs me for “just 5 more minutes.” Then when I finally get her ready she immediately jumps into my bed where she snuggles me and chit chats until I have to threaten her to go to sleep “or else”.  This routine has been going on since I was doing a morning show and getting up at 4am. I would go to bed by 7:30 or 8pm and so we would go to bed together. The problem now is that I’m staying up a little bit later because I’m a “9 to 5” girl now…….but our routine has not changed.  I have friends whose kids are in bed by 7:30pm every night- what an amazing thought!  So how do you establish a good routine, especially when the child is in a bad habit and is 8?  If you’re in a similar boat, check out this article where 14 parents share their bedtime routines!  If you already have a good routine- can you come over every night?????

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