What comforts me

Times are definitely changing and living in the unknown is a very scary thing.  We’ve found ourselves going back to the basics when it comes to staying home. Finding things that bring us comfort.  For  my husband it’s getting his fishing gear ready to go and watching fishing shows. Since he was a kid that is what has brought him peace in his life.

For Ella it’s a combination of video chatting with her friends, drawing and painting, playing games and lately she’s been interested in singing and playing guitar.  I’ve been introducing her to some old school music and we’ve even been doing cat in a cradle….something I had to re-learn from my youth.

As for me, I’ve been turning to music for comfort- tracking down some of my favorites from the 80’s and 90’s and opening my mind to some new stuff.  The big thing that has been bringing me comfort though is baking.  Making banana bread, chocolate chip cookies and no bake cookies have been my specialty so far but I have a feeling I’ll be expanding my repetoire in the coming weeks.

There is so much uncertainty and fear in the world right now that finding something to comfort you is the key- no matter what that is. And when this is over maybe our priorities will be changed and we will have new skills to share. I can guarantee I’m going to be adding some weight- unless I can find comfort in my treadmill! I’ll keep you posted on that one 😉

Here are my favorite recipes for banana bread and no bakes




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