Can your dog get coronavirus?

Trust me…. I’m a dogter.

The news last week that a tiger at the Bronx Zoo tested positive for coronavirus has made a lot of dog owners wonder about their pets. And the good news is, this is not really something you have to agonize about right now.

Worldwide, there have been four total cases of a dog or cat (tiger In this case) testing positive for COVID-19. In all cases, the animal was exposed to a positive testing human. So most likely, the animal got it from the human.

But once again… it’s four cases worldwide.

We are already seeing an uptick of people surrendering pets to shelters because they fear they can get the virus from their pet. That is just not happening. It’s an panic move that only hurts the pet and adds more pressure to shelters. Please don’t do that.

To learn more about what scientists know about human to pet transfer of the coronavirus, click here.

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