Meet the new puppy.

Meet Bailey!

Things are going to get kind of exciting at my house! After searching for a few months, I have been matched to a new rescue dog. We lost our Boston Terrier Baxter in January. After 13 years, it was hard for me and my other dog Pippa. So thanks to Midwest Boston Terrier Rescue, we have a new family member on the way.

He’s a young, 10th month old Boston Terrier that was born deaf. His original family didn’t have the time to train him with sign language so they released him to MWBTR. He know knows 15 hand signals and is ready to find his forever family. And we’re so excited!

Little does he know that there are Northern Michigan walks, boating, camping and of course lots of snow in his future. And he’ll have a somewhat bossy but playful sister now too.

Introducing a new dog to the home is something that must be done correctly. If they start off on the wrong foot, it’s hard to get that turned around. So my plan for this weekend is a slow introduction that includes a lot of walks together. Walking tires them out and gives them a chance to sniff and check each other in a controlled situation.

I will also be strict with the training philosophy that “nothing in life is free.” This is a great method for any dog because it imposes boundaries and control with positive reinforcement. It is very good in keeping a pushy dog for dominating another dog. And is reinforces basic manners for everyone.

If you’d like to read more about NILIF, click here.

So… here we go. 10 months is almost a puppy so I’m expecting a lot of energy and fun. I’ll keep you posted on how he’s doing.  Let the new chapter begin!