Plan ahead for a happy Thanksgiving with the fur kids.

I smell turkey!!!!

One of the things I have been most thankful for during COVID is my dogs. I’ve had limited contact with friends and family so having their unlimited love and attention at home has made my pandemic time much more enjoyable.

And, since thanksgiving is just around the corner, if your dogs are like mine, it’s a one of their favorite days. They love people so being around even more family makes it extra special. More kids to throw the ball, more sleeping uncles to curl up with on the sofa for a long afternoon nap.

And of course, there’s the food. And that’s the tricky part. Everyone wants to sneak them “one little bite”. But what is that one bite? There are plenty of things they can have on Thanksgiving. You just need to plan ahead.

My dogs love sweet potatoes. So I always save a few slices of raw potatoes before I cook my souffle. Pop the slices in the microwave until soft than mash. No butter for the dogs, but they love them on top of their dry food.

The highlight of the day for them is the turkey. A few pieces of white meat, no skin or fat, added to their food is always devoured with joy. Make sure your guests know that food from the table is a no-no, especially the fatty parts of the turkey.

Raw veggies are also very good for them. Carrots, green beans and peas make healthy snacks. One you may not have tried is pumpkin. Fresh or canned (canned pumpkin, not pumpkin pie filling) is great for healthy digestion and they love the natural sweetness. It’s a natural cure for loose stools so remember to keep a can handy in case one of your guests forgets the no fat rule.

As tempting as it is, avoid giving treats that can be harmful. Besides turkey skin, cooked bones are also very dangerous. They can splinter, causing internal injuries. Never give dogs any cooked bones.

Other things you might not have thought of as being bad….

Macadamia nuts. They can actually cause a toxosis that can be fatal.

Nutmeg. It can cause seizures in dogs.

Raw dough. It can rise in a dogs stomach causing real distress.

The other thing I found to be very helpful during a busy holiday is to give my dogs a break, in their crate. They get so excited and just like little kids, they don’t know when to stop. So a crate break while we eat is helpful for everyone. They get to nap and we get to eat without guilty stares from across the room.

And when dinner is over, everyone gets a walk. Dinner guests and dogs. It’s the perfect way to show your best fur friends that you’re so thankful for their love and companionship.

Eat well…. enjoy each day and get all the dog kisses you can.