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Easy Spring Energizers

I was reading an article in First for Women Magazine and saw that 66 percent of us are still in hibernation mode! Yikes! Here are some of their suggestions for rebooting your body and brain.

Pet a furry friend-just 3 minutes of close contact with a pet triggers a boost in serotonin.

When you are at a stop sign or red light, look left and right-gazing at seasonal flowers and greenery will chase away tiredness.

Get outside! A 15 minute blast of fresh spring air helps eliminate fatigue for up to 3 hours!

Squeeze in some laughter (my favorite!). Finding and forwarding a funny video or picture can cut tiredness in half.

Shoulders back, head up, stand up straight and SMILE! Tricks the brain into producing energizing neurotransmitters.

Write it down. Venting in a journal can rev your energy level by at least 30 percent.

Hope that helps!

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05/13/2011 10:09AM
Easy Spring Energizers
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