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From Thursday's Show

Happy Thursday! So, I'm having trouble getting adjusted to getting up at 3:30am and apparently I've started walking in my sleep! Heather suggested wearing socks to sleep, I guess that helps you fall asleep faster. Any other suggestions? I'm open to trying anything. I already take melatonin, keep the TV off, room dark and try to go to bed at the same time every night.

We had some great suggestions on where to take your family sledding. Here are a few, in case you missed them:

Kiwanis Hill - Harbor Springs
Winter Sports Park - Petoskey
Grace McDonald Park- East Bay Township
Avalanche Mountain Preserve - Boyne City
Mt. McSauba - Charlevoix

Feel free to comment if you have others!

We also had great tips on how to avoid the "friend zone" if you are newly single like me.
1. Quit dating guys on the rebound- they aren't looking for relationships
2. Don't be too available - Have an active life, guys like challenges
3. If he seems out of your league, don't waste your time - Not because he IS, but because you'll treat him like someone you don't deserve.
4. Don't talk about past relationships - Why treat him like your therapist
5. Don't over-compliment - Chances are if he has great hair, or a great smile, he's been told. Wait.
6. Keep dates romantic - too friendly lands you in the friend zone
7. Get physical, but not too physical - it's a fine line, but try to come across confident, intriguing and sexy

Happy Dating!

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01/27/2011 11:49AM
From Thursday's Show
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