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Things that can get you fired, dating tips from a waitress and saving the train

So right in the middle of typing this, the computer locks up and I lose everything...let's see, where was I? Oh right, are you more concerned now than you have been in the past about losing your job? Here are some things that can get you fired according to AOL:

*Don't get "conveniently sick" - it doesn't look good if you call in sick every Monday or when just because it's a nice day (duh)
*Don't refuse to compromise - promote your ideas, but don't insist on always doing things your way
*Don't spend time with the complainers - even if you aren't one, it will reflect badly on you
*Don't refuse to take responsibilty when things go wrong
*Respect the chain of command - Don't go over the boss' head except in extreme circumstances.

Most of those are common sense, but it's never a bad idea to be reminded of things.

I saw an article that featured dating tips from a waitresses point of view and thought they were pretty insightful.
*Don't monopolize the conversation - ask questions and LISTEN
*Little surprises will get you major points - if you remember from a previous conversation that your date likes chocolate cake, maybe order a piece for them when they go to the rest room (life is short, it's ok to eat desert first!)
*Beware of cell phones - if you have to leave the table, make sure your cell phone is either off or locked (if you have anything you don't want your date to see - but who's snooping?)
*Being nice to waitstaff can make or break a date - So true! How you treat others is a reflection of the person you are

In case you've missed the discussion about the "Spirit of Traverse City" Steam Train being gone at the end of the summer, it's a possibility, but there are people in the community (myself included) that would be sad to see such a treasure go. There is an informational meeting/ idea session tonite (June 28) at 7pm at Clinch Park where the train boards if you have suggestions.

My "Feel Good" Sidewalk Project is going well. I haven't missed a day since Memorial Day and we are well over 130 photos! If you haven't had a chance to look at it, just go to our facebook page and click on the "photo" tab. Feel free to "tag" yourself in your favorite picture. I'm still working on getting a prize for the finish of the project on Labor Day, so you can create your own and "tag" me on it so I can add it to the album.

One more thing, I'm so excited to be a part of the upcoming Traverse City Lip Dub event that is happening on July 17th! Ok, so I love musicals and breaking out into song for no reason what so ever! Everyone is invited to participate. The songs being used are "Jump" by Van Halen and "You Can Call Me Al" by Paul Simon. The main lip singers have been chosen, but there are still background and feature group spots available. You can get involved by emailing and I hope to see you there!

As always, thanks so much for listening!

06/28/2011 12:09PM
Things that can get you fired, dating tips from a waitress and saving the train
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