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What's His Bad Habit?

Happy Wednesday!
 Had some fun with "what his bad habit says about him" this morning. In case you missed it...
*If he's always calling his mom in order to make a decision - he hasn't found his own identity or independence
*If he leaves dishes in the sink - Not very considerate of you, and may be a procrastinator
*If he leaves the seat up - more interested in being right than being happy, can also signal a power struggle
*If he doesn't open doors - not very thoughtful, romantic or protective
*If he swears - he doesn't understand the power of word
Also found some interesting natural cures to common health complaints. Do you have any to add or have you ever tried any of these?
*To stop bleeding - sprinkle cayenne pepper on a cut, it helps stop the bleeding and relieves the pain
*Toothache - put on a few drops of clove oil and bite down on a smashed piece of garlic (but don't ignore it, get to the dentist)
*Acne or sensitive skin: wash your face with oatmeal
*Headache - rub some peppermint or lavender oil on your temples and base of your neck (this works for me!)
*Athlete's Foot - soak feet in salty diluted white or apple cider vinegar to help kill the fungus
More hints to save on groceries from Country Living:
If you slip a bay leaf into a container of flour, pasta or rice, it will help repel bugs
Stop cheese from drying out by spreading butter or margarine on the cut sides to seal in moisture
If veggies lose their crunch, pop them in a bowl of ice water with a slice of raw potato to freshen up
Put cottage cheese or sour cream container in the fridge upside down to inhibit bacteria that causes spoiling.


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02/16/2011 10:30AM
What's His Bad Habit?
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