How to keep the kids safe while swimming this summer!

My daughter has become a little fish in the water. She’s been taking swimming lessons at a local pool for about 3 years and is quite the little swimmer. This summer we decided to enroll her in a swim school at the beach because as we all know, swimming in a lake is a lot different than swimming in a pool.

I was never a good swimmer as a kid and had a scary near drowning experience once, so I’m super nervous when it comes to Ella swimming. According to new stats, open water is the most dangerous when it comes to swimming- 43% of drownings happen there. And it’s not just young kids, 49% of open water drownings involve kids 15-19 years old and boys are more likely to get in trouble than girls!

So what can you do to help keep kids safe in the water? Some suggestions include watching out for dangerous currents, sudden drop offs and rocks or vegetation kids could get tangled up in.

Here is an open water safety check list from Safe Kids Worldwide that will help you prepare and keep your kids safe in the lake this summer!



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