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Drive Home With Tim

Hard day at work? Then make sure you take Tim Nixon with you on your ride home. Tim has all the Feel Good Music you need… so turn it up and sing along!
I, like so many others, moved away taking northern Michigan for granted.  Lived and worked lots of places and met many new faces. Always enjoying most “days of our lives.”  Circumstances allowed me to come back home for what I thought would be a couple of years, and then probably move back to a larger radio market and live happily ever after, except that is when I truly discovered what was here.   When you love the bay and the change of seasons and the people who are drawn here who also love these things, it just feels more like home than somewhere else possibly could.  The level of artistic display, theater, music, athleticism are so compelling that you just want to be a part of everything. Festivals celebrating all things north are a natural outlet for those of us who enjoy tripping through the woods year round or finding the best place to see the Northern Lights. On any given weekend, if there is not something happening right outside your door, there is something happening in a community right next door.  I married Melissa and Marley, who is a tween, in August of 2015. Life is good and I feel so very blessed.  Thank you all who enjoy what we do on the air and thank you for being an important part of my life.