Morning Routine for Back to School

My world is a little bit different than most parents. I’m out the door by 4:45am so I miss all of the get ready for school activities in the morning. I can say however that a lot of what we do with our kids throughout the day can either help that routine or hurt it. Setting a clear stable morning routine and help make sure that everyone has a great day!

So how do we do that?  Here are some great ideas-

  1. Make sure the kids have a good sleep routine….even on the weekend. A clinical psychologist says kids need a solid 8 hours of sleep…..and even more when they are little. He suggests setting alarms for the same time every morning no matter when you leave the house.
  2. Prep the night before- give yourself time for everything in the morning by getting a head start the night before. This includes picking outfits and packing bags.
  3. Get yourself ready first- As parents we tend to put our kids first but in this case instead of getting them ready first or trying to get ready at the same time, you should get yourself up early and get ready before waking up the kids!
  4. No TV, video games or ipads first thing- Kids should focus on getting responsibilities finished first in the morning. These things can instead be used as motivators for quickly getting washed, dressed, and prepared.

There are lots of other great tips….check them out here.

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