When to call in sick to work

It’s that time of year. Several bugs are running rampant around Northern Michigan. Where we live it’s so bad they have closed the school for 3 days to do some deep cleaning and get the 55% of kids who are sick healthy again. When your child is sick, it’s tough to decide whether or not to send them to school- especially if you’re a working parent and don’t have daycare.  What’s even tougher is to decide when you should call in sick to work. A lot of work environments lack compassion when it comes to illness. Some managers worry more about a loss in productivity than the well being of their workers. Many workers feel guilty calling in and try to “push through”. The problem is that when you go to work sick and you are contagious, you are risking the welfare of everyone you work with, and possibly their family members.

So when do you call in sick?  Here’s a great article to help you decide.  You can also follow this fantastic graph that was sent home from school….I think it can apply to adults as well as kids!

Image result for school graphic on when to stay home sick

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