Comforting your children when you are away

I’m headed to Vegas next week with some friends and I am super excited to get away…but I’m also super stressed!! I know that sounds crazy but when I leave home, my daughter Ella gets major anxiety. Her dad will still be with her but there’s something about mommy being away that really tugs at her heart.  Even though I call and I’m usually only gone for a few days it can get really rough on both of us.  The hardest part is the days before the trip because that’s when her anxiety really gets high and there are tons of tears.

So how do you comfort your kids when you’re away?  I’m sure all of us struggle with this and if you don’t have a solid plan, here is a great article with ideas to help make the time apart a little bit easier- from hug tattoos to kiss boxes to special letters and gifts, you’re sure to find something super special for your kiddos 🙂

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