What to do with the dog during social distancing.

These are stressful times. We’re all facing something we never have and it’s kind of scary. I’ve made sure to stock up on food and dog food. Treats too. Believe me, Pippa doesn’t care that we have to social distance, she just wants her treats.

So what do you do in these times of social distancing to keep the dog happy? Fortunately, we live in an area where we can walk and avoid people fairly easily. And for most dogs, if they can get in a healthy walk, they are perfectly fine hanging on the sofa with you the rest of the day.

But what about CovID-19…. can dogs get that?

Here’s some important info from the CDC that basically says…. no.

The best thing we can do right now is plan ahead, keep stocked up on supplies (Chewy.com delivers everything if you can’t get out) and talk a long walk, It will help your dog and you.

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