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Never Sure What To Say

How do you handle "backhanded" compliments?
I love photography and have been taking photos since I received my first camera at 9. Sometimes when I show people my work, they remark something like "Wow, those are great, you must have a good camera", like I didn't have anything to do with setting the shot up. Or "you have such a pretty face" "you don't look anything like you sound". How do you handle comments like that? Most of the time I just let it roll off my shoulders, but sometimes I want to point out their insensitivity. How bout you?
Did you read Dear Abby yesterday? There was a question from a couple that could see into their neighbor's bathroom, like "everything"! They wanted to know how to handle letting them know that they were "baring all" but didn't want to make them angry or embarrased. Seriously, wouldn't you want to know? Do your neighbors ever do anything you want to talk to them about? Let me know


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03/03/2011 11:55AM
Never Sure What To Say
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