Lite Breakfast Show

Kelly Hansen from Foreigner Interview

Foreigner came to Northern Michigan this summer to play at Interlochen.  We had the pleasure of chatting with Kelly Hansen – lead singer of the band since 2005 –...

McLaren Northern Michigan Opens a New Wing

It’s a special edition of the After Breakfast podcast “In Good Health” sponsored by McLaren Northern Michigan.  Today, we talk to Shari Shult, Vice President of Operations at McLaren...

Special Episode – In Good Health w/McLaren Northern Michigan

This is a special episode of After Breakfast, sponsored by McLaren Northern Michigan.  Hear the story of the new Robotic Surgery available at McLaren from Dr. Angus Goetz.

ICYMI: The Story of the Message in a Bottle

The story of Jennifer Dowker and the message in the bottle found at the bottom of the Cheboygan River.  From the Friday morning edition of the Lite Breakfast Show.

Why You Don’t Call Them “THE” Eagles

A discussion about music group names and why there was always a secret phone number in every radio station studio “back in the day.”  And remember, it’s “Eagles” not...

Cherry Festival Tuesday

Cherry Festival Tuesday today included our fun times at the National Cherry Fest and an update (and unedited) interview with director Kay Paye.

Tim Nixon’s Covid Experience

Thinking about NOT getting the vaccination?  COVID is no fun and the quicker we all have some protection the quicker we can get back to normal… whatever normal is....

New Company Coming to Our Area

Joel Jacob is the CEO of The Bottle Crew – they make packaging for local companies like Kilwin’s and American Spoon Foods and are opening up new offices etc....

New Events Coming “Virtually” from the Petoskey Chamber

We regularly update things going on in the community with interview with the movers and shakers around here. Today, a chat with Nikki Devitt from the Petoskey Chamber including...

Groundhog Day 2021

Groundhog Day 2021 is in the books, and everywhere it will be 6 more weeks of winter, except for some places in Ohio.